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Smarter safety with intoxication detection
- powered by eye tracking technology

Our unique software utilizes eye-tracking and machine learning to detect intoxication from alcohol and drugs in a manner that is both unbiased and non-intrusive. That means no blood tests and no breathalyzers. A simpler, faster, and more cost-efficient solution.


We partner with companies dedicated to pioneering safety standards, spanning the automotive sector, shared mobility services, safety-critical environments and various workplaces committed to maintaining the highest safety protocols. Let’s talk.

Eye blink characteristics

Gaze tracking

Head movements

Facial features

Device/vehicle movements

Reaction time

Based on scientifically proven facial indicators of intoxication, our software analyzes over 100 features. Advanced algorithms interpret these indicators, providing an accurate assessment of intoxication.​

Intoxication detection with eye tracking

At Sightic we strive to eliminate accidents caused by intoxication. Whether you operate a factory or provide mobility services, we empower you to create safer and more efficient operations. Let's work together to create a safer tomorrow.

Join our mission to save lives

Discover exciting opportunities to contribute to our revolutionary eye tracking technology, alongside passionate people dedicated to creating a safer world. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our mission and want to make a difference. 

Based on Swedish research

All our solutions are grounded in peer-reviewed, scientific research studies and centered on capturing thousands and thousands of hours of controlled, high-quality labeled and ethically sourced data.

 We collaborate with the best, including ongoing collaborations with prominent hospitals such as the Karolinska Institute (approved by the Swedish Ethics committee) and commercial research partners such as Volvo Group. 

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