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Sightic’s revolutionary software with our proprietary algorithms can be applied in a host of different applications, providing a non-biased, non-intrusive way of detecting substance abuse. The aim has been to develop a software that is Platform-independent with a well defined API that can be incorporated into and run on a number of platforms:

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Abstract eye made out of glass.

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Vehicle onboard system

An onboard system in a vehicle and integrated with existing Driver or In-cabin Monitoring System.

A car with a camera, servers and a cloud.
A person with a camera, servers and a cloud.
Some servers with a mobile phone.
A person with a camera, servers and a cloud.
A car with a camera.


Vehicle OEM:s, tier-1:s, and aftermarket.
Aiding drivers and fleet owners of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and 3rd party mobility companies.

An open briefcase with documents inside.


Facilities such as factories and warehouses.
Entrance system for facilities where heavy machinery is used and temporary staff hired on short notice.

A DNA sequence.


Hospitals, rehab and treatment facilities.
A mobile tool aiding doctors in their diagnostic decision making and helping patients on their road to recovery.

A pair of law books.

Law enforcement

Police and customs agencies
A non-biased, non-intrusive tool for law enforcement agencies in their fight against smuggling and crime.

Sightic is an AI-based software that detects the influence of drugs through image analysis of the eye area.© 2021 sightic