AI-based software for
substance testing

A state of the art software that detects the influence of drugs
& alcohol through image analysis of the eye area.

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“We develop code that saves lives, in a way that matches the requirements of a modern way of life.”

By using eye tracking we are able to detect the use of drugs, alcohol and medicines that impair cognitive function in a subject, in an unbiased non-intrusive manner. This is done by filming a short sequence on a person’s eye. Sightics software can be used in contexts and environments where traditional drug tests, such as saliva, urine and blood tests, can not be used.

It is clear that alcohol and drugs affect the central nervous system, which for example is reflected in the eye’s reaction and movement patterns. Our software finds and analyzes a number of scientifically proven measurement values in the eye area that are significant for alcohol and drug influence.

Our aim has been to develop a solution that is hardware agnostic and can be integrated with a smartphone, a computer application, the cloud or a DMS running on an ECU system depending on the needs.

The harmful effects of drug- and alcohol abuse

  • According to a report from the European Medicines Agency (EMCDDA), alcohol and drugs is estimated to cause about 30 percent of all traffic fatalities in Europe.
  • 25% of all fatal accidents in workplaces in Europe are due to alcohol or drug abuse.The number of drug tests performed at workplaces has more than quadrupled in 2013-2020 in Sweden.
  • There is an ongoing decriminalization of cannabis around the world. This requires new drug tests that detect ongoing intoxication to assess drive- and workability.
A person driving a car.

Today Sightic is a part of Mobility Xlab, which is a collaboration hub to create and develop new innovations within future mobility and connectivity.

Mobility Xlab consists of seven partners; CEVT, Ericsson, Polestar, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group & Zenseact who offers acceleration through a strategic partnership.

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Based on swedish research

The development of Sightic is based on Swedish research studies. We have a number of data collection activities ongoing together with Sweden's largest hospitals and care facilities for addiction, approved by the Ethics committee and GDPR compliant. We are collaborating with a number of major players such as Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Piteå Hospital and the Swedish research institute RISE. Actors such as Chalmers, Autoliv and the Swedish Transport Administration also participate in a reference group.

The eye's reaction and movement patterns are complex and a number of different research tracks are forming the basis for the software. In our research we focus on collecting controlled, high-quality data that is collected in an ethically correct way. For a long time we have been collecting data on three different groups; healthy, unaffected people, people who have been drinking alcohol and people who have taken narcotics. This is done with an IR camera / RGB camera and the film sequences are correlated with the substance / concentration of drugs or alcohol occuring.

Sahlgrenska Science Park
Future Memories
Västra Götalandsregionen
The development of Eyescanner is done in collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Piteå Hospital, Qamcom Research & Technology, the research institute RISE and Future Memories.
Sightic is an AI-based software that detects the influence of drugs through image analysis of the eye area.© 2021 sightic