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Simply install our app on your company phones and begin screening for substances today.

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It is easy to download and each scan takes less than 15 seconds – all you need is a phone.


Replace the human factor with the power and objectivity of artificial intelligence.


Reduce costs and time by screening your entire workforce daily with nothing more than a phone.

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Multiple substances

Protect your organization with Sightic’s 1st line defense – screen for alcohol and drugs with a single scan, identifying risk wherever it may hide.

Actionable outcomes

No longer guess what the problem is – precisely identify detected substances for clear next steps. Sightic’s market-leading solutions are powered by pioneering technology and proprietary data.

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Security by design

We prioritize GDPR compliance and user privacy. We use anonymous data and never store user or biometric data. Our products are built with robust security measures, ensuring data protection by design. Our commitment to security and privacy ensures your data is safe and protected at all times.

Make a difference for your employees

Accident prevention

Sightic enhances safety by detecting impaired performance at the door. Less accidents mean reduce costs associated with injuries and compensation claims, improving overall workplace efficiency.

Employee wellbeing

Sightic improves employee wellbeing by creating a safe and supportive workplace where individuals feel valued. Our non-invasive screening improves job satisfaction, boosts morale, and reduces turnover by fostering a positive and productive environment.

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