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At Sightic, we harness the power of science to enhance safety and performance. Our approach is deeply rooted in rigorous research and continuous innovation, ensuring our solutions are not only effective but also ethically responsible and cutting-edge.


The problem

Our founders saw first-hand the impact of substance abuse during their 20+ years in law enforcement and the Swedish Secret Police (SÄPO). Witnessing the devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities, they recognized the urgent need for innovative solutions. Substance impairment not only increases the risk of injury and death but also significantly harms businesses and society by reducing productivity and increasing healthcare costs. This critical issue drives our commitment to developing novel, non-invasive screening methods that can effectively address and mitigate these risks.

The effect of substances on humans

Perception & sensory processing

Distorted sensory perception, altered experience of space, time, changed visual, auditory, and tactile sensations.

Emotion & cognition

Mood swings from euphoria to anxiety or paranoia, impaired cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and decision-making.

Motor skills & coordination

Impaired motor coordination and reaction times, affected balance and fine motor skills.


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Our approach

Grounded in proven research

Our technology is developed on a robust foundation of scientific research, meticulously incorporating sensitive tasks and variables optimized for maximum accuracy. This rigorous approach ensures that our solutions are not only innovative but also firmly grounded in proven science, providing you with technology you can trust.

Smart algorithm engineering

Our team of experts employs sophisticated algorithms to extract the most relevant data from diverse sensor streams, including eye movements, device motion, and environmental factors. This comprehensive approach guarantees both precision and reliability in our solutions.

Ethical data collection

Our data collection adheres to the highest ethical standards, reflecting our commitment to responsible science. Thousands of data recordings across various conditions and substances, such as alcohol and cannabis, ensure our prediction models are systematic and representative. We have ongoing collaborations with the prestigious Karolinska Institute and commercial research partners such as Volvo Group. Notably, our work with the Karolinska Institute has been approved by the Swedish Ethics Committee, underscoring the rigorous ethical standards that guide our research.

Continuous improvement

Our models undergo continuous refinement to minimize domain gaps and enhance performance. This iterative process ensures high responsiveness and accuracy across various scenarios, whether indoors or outdoors, under different lighting conditions, and during diverse user states.

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