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Enhancing existing in-cabin hardware and driver monitoring software.

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Complement to existing Driver Monitoring Systems

In an industry producing around 80 million passenger cars annually, the global automotive sector is increasingly focused on stringent safety regulations. Sightic addresses this need with real-time detection solutions for alcohol and drug impairment, enhancing existing Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) to ensure safer journeys. With new mandates in Europe and the USA requiring in-cabin safety measures, Sightic’s technology integrates seamlessly to prevent impaired driving, significantly contributing to road safety and regulatory compliance.


Regulatory Compliance

Enhance safety with accurate DUI assessments.


Software and Hardware agnostic

Integrate DUI information into customer existing Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS).


Proprietary data

The world’s largest dataset on naturalistic intoxicated driver behavior.

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Increase driver safety

Driver monitoring intoxication function

  • Enhance safety with accurate detection of alcohol and drug impairment.
  • Integrate impairment detection into already existing in-car Driver Monitoring Systems to provide comprehensive safety solutions.
  • Detect and prevent car accidents and fatalities by addressing the risk at the source.
  • Fitness to drive and continuously monitor drivers for signs of impairment.
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Improve your technology

Naturalistic intoxicated data collection

  • Gather intoxication data from naturalistic driving behaviors.
  • Partner with OEMs for full ADAS/AD intoxicated data collection.
  • Utilize real-world driving data to enhance the accuracy and reliability of impairment detection systems.



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