1st line defense

Identify alcohol and drug impairment at the door with a single scan to ensure safety in the workplace.

Man in white construction helmet with a white square around his eyes.
Two persons in orange vests who is pointing at a construction site.
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Screen for alcohol and drugs in seconds

Substance impairment is responsible for one in four fatal workplace accidents. Ensuring the safety of your workforce is paramount. Sightic offers rapid, multi-substance screening solutions that maintain both productivity and safety. As substance abuse continues to impact businesses globally, proactive measures are essential.


Increased Risks

Impaired employees increase the risk of accidents, poor judgement and errors, leading to dangerous situations, higher costs and reduced efficiency.


Outdated Tools

Traditional tools are lagging, insufficient, and one-dimensional, unable to keep pace with the growing problem of substance abuse.


Lack of Insights

Leadership often lacks the necessary data and analysis to make proactive decisions, resulting in reactive and ineffective policies.

Two guys in orange vests is working hard on a construction site.

Defend your business

Accident prevention

  • Over 25% of workplace accidents involve substances like alcohol or cannabis, incurring significant costs for employers and employees.
  • Impaired performance annually causes nearly 3 million work-related deaths and 400 million non-fatal injuries, leading to $60 billion in compensation claims.
  • These incidents have profound emotional and psychological effects on injured employees and their coworkers, causing stress, anxiety, and decreased morale.
  • The impact of these incidents extends to individual wellbeing and overall organizational efficiency.
Two construction workers wearing white helmets, safety glasses and orange jackets.

Protect your employees

Workplace wellbeing

  • Employee wellbeing fosters a positive, productive environment where employees feel safe, valued, and supported.
  • A healthy workplace culture boosts job satisfaction, morale, and organizational performance.
  • Employees with substance use disorders have a 50% higher rate of absenteeism compared to their peers .
  • Impaired employees are more prone to errors, safety risks, and violent behavior, endangering themselves and colleagues.
  • Traditional drug and alcohol testing methods are invasive, time-consuming, costly, and foster mistrust, making workplace safety and support crucial for employee retention and cohesion.



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By leveraging the IRIS product suite, you can foster a safer, more productive workplace while demonstrating your commitment to employee wellbeing and organizational efficiency.

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